Who is Prof. Dr. Zoltán Várady?
(adapted from his own biography published as part of the 37th International Várady Workshop in 2022)

Dr. Zoltán Várady was born in 1937 in Budapest, Hungary. He matriculated there in 1955 and graduated from the Budapest Medical Faculty in 1961. During his studies, like many future surgeons, he worked as an auxiliary scientific force at the anatomical institute.
After graduation, he devoted himself to both general and orthopedic surgery, designing simplified versions of various surgical procedures - already at a very young age he lectured on them in 1964 at the 51st Congress of the German Orthopedic Society, publishing in his native language as well as in German. 1966 certifies in surgery. Shortly thereafter, he left for Frankfurt am Main at the invitation of the University Surgical Clinic there, where he worked until 1972, focusing on vascular surgery and phlebology. In 1972, he opened his own practice in Frankfurt am Main, which he subsequently expanded into a private clinic, where he and his colleagues mainly focus on phlebology, angiology and lymphology. In his clinical and research work, he focuses mainly on microsurgery of varicose veins, developing his own crossectomy technique. He modifies existing microsurgical or phlebectomy techniques - for this he uses a set of his own instruments - the most famous of which are Várady's hooks and dissection and dissection spatulas, known as "Spatula".
He does not keep his skills to himself - apart from his colleagues, he opens his clinic to anyone who is interested in Várady's microsurgery of varicose veins. In 1987, he organizes the first Várady workshop for phlebology, lymphology and angiology - this year will be its 39th year in Prague. He also works pedagogically in an exotic destination - the National University of Mexico Puebla - where he was appointed an extraordinary professor in 1986. The number of his lectures is in the hundreds, there are dozens of publications. He is an honorary member of a number of important phlebological societies around the world - since 2005 also the Czech Phlebological Society ČLS JEP.
We will end this short biographical review with the words of prof. Váradyho: "I always wanted to develop my own things and not use established and habitual methods. There are people who develop new things and others who just repeat what has already been developed. Conventions usually discuss topics that have been known for a long time, in countless variations, but which are not very useful. I have already changed proven methods according to logical considerations. So, for example, I did the once-known crossectomy incision differently; I cut the leather at an angle because it produced the best cosmetic results. I separated the lower layers lengthwise to protect the lymphatic system as much as possible. Of course, the gentlest method is the one that completely dispenses with crossectomy and stripping."
This year we have the honor to welcome Prof. Várady - our honorary member - after 19 years in Prague. In 2004, he handed over his clinic to his excellent follower, prof. Dr. Zoltán Böhm, himself remains her first advisor and consultant. Together with him, we will also welcome his many-year followers and supporters of his "microsurgery", among others Prof. Alexander Flor from Austria, dr. František Žernovický Jr. from Slovakia, prof. Uldis Maurins from Latvia and Prof. Imre Bihari from Hungary.

v/Prof. Jaroslav Strejček, MD, PhD